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Relaxing Massage

30 min – $40 | 60 min – $75

A traditional swedish massage designed to improve circulation and ease tension, reduce stress and relax the entire body.

DeepĀ  Tissue

60 min – $85

Increased pressure working deep into the muscle tissue. Helps to relieve the aches and pains from injuries.

Fat Burning Massage

65 min – $85

Deep stimulating petrissage movements in targeted areas to break down fat deposits with lymphatic drainage movements to activate natural process of fat and toxin elimination using special slimming oils.


60 min – $60

Soothing aromatic foot soak with deep pressure poing massage on feet or hands to help normalize the nervous system. Can be added to any pedicure or manicure for $1 per minute.

Couple’s Massage

60 min – $150

Side by Side massage for you and your partner or friend at the same time. By the beach or in our air conditioned spa room.

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